What a busy day it has been!

I had so much fun messing around on my blog last night that I put off my creative writing paper forever, so I was up way late working on that.

I woke up around ten and had to finish some last minute homework. I might be an English major, but I absolutely hate my creative writing class.

Then it was off to work from noon-2:30. I work in Admissions at the University, and I answer phones, schedule visits for prospective students, greet visitors and other clerical work. October is our busy season because all the high school seniors are trying to figure out what they are doing next year. So we were swamped this afternoon, and there was no facebook goofing off for me.

Then to my Creative Writing class, which is by far my least favorite class this semester. I turned in my creative writing draft for workshopping next week.

Then a quick run home for some dinner (grilled cheese sandwich with some grapes on the side) then back to campus for my Social Psych discussion.

After, I went to Wal-Mart to buy groceries. and some toiletries…plus a new camera! They had one on sale I was interested in. I have been camera-less since July, so it was high time I bought myself a new one. I wait forever at the camera stand, only to find out that they are out of stock of the one I want. Arrgggh, but this is unsurprising for Wal-Mart.

I grab all the groceries I need, and decide to go to Target since it is basically right across the road and I want. a. camera.

I find an awesome one at Target, its on sale, and I ask the manager if I can get one. Turns out, they are sold out of that one, too! I should have known because Target always runs out of sale items. They have issues stocking things, I think.

At this point, all I want is a camera. Fortunately, Best Buy is right next to Target! So I go to Best Buy, find a camera that is cheaper than all the ones I wanted, cuter than all the other options, uses an SD card which I already have, and this really nice girl helped me and listened to my camera tale of woe. So I bought a camera AND a case, which I had not been planning.

Now I’m home and waiting for camera to charge so I can use it! So excited!!