Last night was the most fun my Thursday nights have been all semester! I helped one of my good friends, Katie, purchase a camera at Best Buy (I recommended Best Buy after my camera fiasco Wednesday) and she picked a super awesome camera.

Before I met up with her, I went for a walk/run. I’m definitely no marathon runner, but I pushed myself yesterday and I’m feeling the burn today. It was an absolutely beautiful fall day, and I headed out just as the sun was beginning to set, bathing the world in golden hues. The beginning of my walk:

Then I had to go under a super scary bridge. I never head this way at odd hours, or close to dark because there aren’t a lot of people around anyway and it’s super creepy.

However, after the bridge, there is a nice surprise. Waiting on the other side is an absolutely stunning prairie. There are lots of little lakes, which I’m pretty sure have something to with the wastewater treatment plant nearby, but it’s a gorgeous area great for walking, biking, rollerblading, and walking dogs! I saw people doing all those activities last night.

I loved these fall flowers. They were the only flowers that were still blooming:

For my dad, because he loves milkweeds. There was lots of white milkweed fluff blowing around last night.

Someone missed me while I was gone! She didn’t appreciate me fiddling around with my camera and not paying attention to her, so she got all up in my business.

After that picturesque walk, I hung out with Katie, who I hadn’t seen in way too long. Hopefully, I’ll be seeing her again this weekend. After Katie, Mr. Jeff came over and I whipped him up a chocolate malt in my blender. They were absolutely delicious and then we chilled and watched some Real Housewives.