Ok, so it has been ages since I posted! I was going to last night after the Mad Men finale, but then my internet went out!! Aargh, so annoying. I cleaned and did laundry instead which was way productive.

I had  a lovely weekend, although I didn’t take near enough pictures!

On Friday, Mr. Jeff came over for dinner. I cooked roasted vegetables and rice for dinner and then oatmeal raisin bars for dessert. YUMMY!

Here is what I used for vegetables:

I used turkey sausage and threw in a tomato and red pepper. I bought broccoli but forgot about it in preparation! Oh, well.

After we at dinner there were leftovers! I’m still enjoying leftovers of this delicious dinner.

Here are the oatmeal raisin bars. These are the BEST. They are thick and gooey and sweet and very filling. I added chocolate chips to them since they were going to be my dessert. I need a little bit of chocolate 😉

Then on Saturday, Mr. Jeff and I went to Williamsburg, Iowa. It’s about 20 minutes east of Iowa City and they have  an awesome outlet mall, Tanger Outlets. I picked out an outfit for Mr. Jeff at Gap, and then found a couple pairs of jeans for myself. His outfit looked mighty fine, if I might say so myself.

On Sunday, I had lunch with Mr. Jeff and his mother and then she came over to meet my cat. Per usual, Belle sauntered around and wouldn’t let anyone but me near her. Oh, Belle, if you were friendly, you would get so much more loving!

I went to work out at our lovely Rec Center Sunday night and when I came home, look who was waiting for me!

Hahahaha, she blinks whenever the flash goes off!

Finally, she said, enough taking pictures and pet me already!

And then I picked her up and we had play time and petting time for the rest of the evening!