As I write this post, I’m eating some leftover lasagna…yumyumyumyum!

Lasagna seemed pretty easy to make, and I wanted to add a little bit of challenge. My goal for each week is to try something new and to be as fresh as possible, while still making a convenient.

This time, I decided to make my own marinara sauce. I have never done this before, and had been wanting to try it out for awhile. Like most things cooking, I was more than a little intimidated, but really, there was no need.

Like any good beginner chef, I went to Start Cooking straight away. That’s where I found the perfect basic marinara recipe.

Here are the ingredients:

I ended up only needing one of those onions, thank goodness, because I couldn’t see I was crying so badly. Other than prep work like dicing the onion and preparing the garlic, this recipe was just a bunch of simmering and occasionally stirring. And it turned out delicious!

Then, it was on to the lasagna. I decided to add mushrooms to mix it up a little and include a bit more veggies. I made the Spinach Lasagna.

The ingredients:

I fried the mushrooms, mixed the ricotta, spinach and parmesan cheese, then assembled the ingredients. Pasta, sauce, cheeses, pasta, sauce, cheeses! 🙂

After we finished eating, I had quite a bit of leftovers. It is ooey, gooey and delicious on a cold fall night.

Mr. Jeff came over for the dinner, which included crêpes for dessert.

Someone else tried to join us for dinner!

We had to shoo her away, because everyone knows that cats don’t eat crêpes!

What a wonderful night of food and fun!