I turned 22 this last week, and it has been a wild ride.

I have been horrible at taking pictures, and I haven’t been cooking anything interesting at all.

My friend, Katie, did just give me the new Clean Start cookbook, and I am so pumped to try some recipes from that. I want to try out some new things in the next week or so and then pick something out to take home for my family for Thanksgiving. It’s a vegan cookbook and anything I take will most certainly rock their world. I’m probably will never fully be vegan, but I love using vegan recipes to find different ways to incorporate vegetables into my diet. They also include lots of ingredients I am unfamiliar with, being a girl from small town Iowa. I really enjoy experimenting with new things.

It was a good birthday. Mr. Jeff got me a Houdini wine opener and a lovely bottle of wine that we enjoyed on my birthday. The next day, I had dinner with some friends. And tomorrow, I’m going shopping with my momma. I’ll definitely be updating with some cute purchases.

I feel so old now to be 22. Which is obviously not that old in reality, but it is definitely more of an adult age than 21! Its also sad that this will be my last semester of full time student because next semester I will be part time. And then I’m on my own. Scary! This whole graduating thing is daunting.

I dream of waking up one morning, opening my email or checking my phone and finding that magically someone has just decided to offer me my dream job.

Unfortunately, my dream probably won’t come true.

So, this year on my birthday, I’m relishing still being a student, and hesitantly looking forward to the future. I’m enjoying these last few moments in Iowa City, because I will miss it dearly once I have left.

Although, of course, I need that magical job offer first. 😉