Today, I registered for my last semester of college classes. This would be sad, but I’m only taking two courses and they will both be online. It’s way sadder that this is my last semester of being a real college student.

I wasn’t super excited about registering. I used to be. I used to be that student who had her whole schedule figured out down to the last class a month beforehand.I would have had all four years figured out before I even arrived on campus if such a thing had been possible. I would then go meet my adviser because it was required, and realize that I was way more prepared than my adviser.  Registering would come and since I was just starting my college journey, half the classes I wanted would be full when it was time to register. I would then become obsessive about finding a spot in the class. Every five minutes I would refresh the screen. I remember looking for spots in classes on Christmas Day, I kid you not.  This obsessiveness would go on until a spot opened up, which they always did, fueling my obsession.

Flash forward to today. This time it was an hour before I was supposed to register. I’m working in Admissions and I’m decently busy. People are calling me left and right to schedule visits, but it’s okay, because I don’t have anything to do.

Then I began to wonder if there was something important going on today.

“Oh, Emily, you are supposed to register today…” The creepy voice warning me of my unpreparedness sounded just like my mother.

Fortunately I work in an office with a computer, so I frantically rushed to ISIS (Iowa’s student website thing) and tried to figure out what I wanted to do for next semester. At 1:50 pm my registering opened up and I signed up for courses. Five minutes later, I went back to change the courses, deciding that I was willing to do work next semester if it was fun.

So I’m taking Entrepreneurship: Business Consulting and Fiction Writing. I was going to take Industrial and Organizational Psychology online because I heard it was the easiest thing ever, but then I thought, no, I want to take Fiction Writing and write stories and read short stories. Because I would do that with my free time anyway, and now I will have someone critiquing my work. So even better.

I hope it’s a grand semester.

I just kinda need to find another job first because otherwise, I’m definitely going to be a bum!