So, I had to wake up super early this morning to be at work at 8. And the bus picks me up at 735. I haven’t been up before 10 since, oh, August. Needless to say, apprehension filled me the night before as I contemplated my early morning.

Major problems facing me:

One, it was December. It will be dark when I wake up because the sunrise hasn’t happened yet. That is the kind of thing nightmares are made of.

Two, it is quite possibly the coldest weather imaginable. Probably typical for like the Arctic in maybe September, but Iowa?! Seriously, it was a high of five today. That meant it was waaaaay below zero when I was supposed to crawl out of bed.

Three, electric mattress pad. Yes, I have one. No, I’m not eighty years old. They are just seriously awesome. But a major obstacle to hauling my butt out of bed.

But then morning came. And there were hitches.

6:30My alarm went off at 6:30. I had to take a shower. I debated for the next ten minutes on whether or not I could get away with not taking a shower. Decided I couldn’t.

6:45 Take a shower ten minutes late.

7:00 Spend an extra five minutes in the shower. When I get out of the shower, I realize it was so cold my bathroom didn’t even steam over. I had the door closed and no fan on, but it refused to heat up in there. I shiver.

7:05 Towel off, put on clothes.

7:10Then I went downstairs to eat breakfast. I have no cereal. Boo. Look at my bread thinking toast only to realize the bread smells horrible and the date says ‘best by Dec. 02.’ Good lord.

7:11Steal roommate’s cereal.

7:11.30 Eat yummy cereal in contentment.

7:20 Go to brush my teeth. As I’m spitting, I notice something weird in my sink. I touch it, only to realize I just spit on my shirt sleeve. Oops. Decide to run shirt sleeve under the running water. That was a completely stupid idea. Now, I have a shirt sleeve that is dripping wet in the SUPER COLD. I blow dryed my shirt sleeve. Now its only mildly obnoxious.

7:25 Go downstairs to wait for the bus, after assembling all the necessary supplies like boots, hat and book to read while waiting for the bus.

7:29 Nod off several times while waiting for the bus.

7:29.45 I give in and go outside to wait in the cold so I don’t fall asleep while waiting for the bus.

7:33 And it is, in fact, ridiculously cold.