After a lovely winter break with some family time and a trip to Chicago, I’m back in Iowa City for the semester.

Today while I was riding the bus to work I looked down at the floor and saw the huge gross piles of water and salt and grossness that come part and parcel with winter. Immediately I thought to myself, “Okay, now remember to be careful about where you put your bag during class!”

And then I realized, for me, there is no more class. I do have two online classes but that is not the same as being a full time student who spends their week in classes.

It was truly a sad moment, because I have loved my classes. Oh Chaucer, oh Emily Dickinson, oh modern American Road Journeys, oh Adichie, I will remember and treasure all of you. I’m so lucky to be fortunate enough to attend college and have this wonderful experience. My dream to leave Iowa means that I must treasure my last semester here in Iowa City.

When I stepped off the bus this morning (and into the crazy gross snowy salty concoction that coats all walkways!!) I smiled. Even though I’ll miss my time as a student I’m so ready for something new.