Tonight, I was finally able to test out my brand new Kitchenaid mixer for the first time. My parents gave it to me as a Christmas present, and I just have not had the chance to bake anything since Christmas. That sounds ridiculous, but between all the chocolate in my stocking and the trip to Chicago, there has been NO NEED for any more sweets in my life.

When we were in Chicago, Mr. Jeff’s mom graciously gave me a box mix for cake. When I told my roommate about it, she immediately wanted to make cupcakes. So, after I finished babysitting, I went grocery shopping and picked up cupcake holder thingys, frosting, and another strawberry cake mix.

The mixer was AMAZING. I love it times ten thousand. Even though I’m exhausted from working all day, I was so excited to bake with my mixer tonight. I had such high expectations for it and it definitely did not disappoint.

I’m going to bed one happy (and very lucky with very awesome parents) girl.