This semester is going fabulously.

I have two classes. One of which has three (ungraded) assignments, and two tests. The other is a consulting project which is  a great way for me to work on a marketing project for class! Fun and interesting and helpful for my future.

I work two jobs. I’m continuing to work in Admissions. This means I’m enjoying the current spring rush of parents scheduling visits for their seniors trying to make college decisions and counseling parents on the college visit process at Iowa for their high school junior who has never done anything like this before. I love this job because it reminds me every day of how excited I was to start college. My other job is to babysit the most adorable one year old ever. Well, he’s more like fifteen months. Some days its wonderful to watch him and I’m dying for kids (someday). Other days I’m utterly exhausted from him and I can’t imagine ever wanting ever in a million years a baby.

I apply for jobs. Ugh. I swear, I’m continually working on my resume and cover letter (I update it for every job I apply to) and when you try to apply to 2-5 jobs a week (that I am most certainly qualified for!) this task becomes incredibly time consuming. Can’t someone just offer me a job already??

Oh well, even if I am jobless, at least spring is almost here!