About a month ago, I wasn’t in the best place in my life.

It wasn’t unsurprising. Having moved to the Chicago area super fast at the end of May, Mr. Jeff going back to school at the end of August, feeling like a failure at my first job out of college and struggling hardcore in the job market, I needed to make a difference in my life. After I quit my job, I immediately rushed into an SEO internship because I knew that the fit was right for me and it was what I needed. It has been what I needed–a wonderful job that has allowed me to take charge of the rest of my life and try to get my head back in the game.

One of the first things to do to dig yourself out of a rut is to exercise. It’s an instant feel good thing. If you haven’t been exercising regularly then the first days (maybe even weeks) are hell. But push through those, and there are such amazing results. In fact, I find that some of the results, like the best sleep of your life, happen instantly. I firmly 100% believe that bodies need to be worked everyday to feel that life is lived to the fullest.

Anyway, I knew that I needed to exercise. I hadn’t been, and boy, was I gaining weight. Not only was I gaining weight, but I was losing that confidence and happiness in myself.  And it’s hard to figure out an exercise routine outside of college. When I was in college, I walked everywhere all the time. Now, I’m in the suburbs and I desperately miss the walking. I drive everywhere, plus add about an hour commute to my 10-6 work schedule and I’m sitting from 9-7 everyday. Ugh.

One Friday in September I had work off. The weather was gorgeous and I was alone with nothing to do over my three day weekend. I decided to try out a free week at a hot yoga studio that is close by my apartment. So I signed up online….and went to a Beginner Basic class around four or so that afternoon.

I fell in love. I forced myself to go every single day to get my full seven days and so I could really experience the yoga. After my seven days were up, I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I took the plunge and signed up for a monthly membership. Now, I go to class five to six days a week.

Hot yoga has been a lifesaver for me, really. I feel my body getting stronger after each class. Yoga class allows me to be proud of and rejoice in the amazingness that is my body and what it can do for me. And I’m starting to get to know the people at the studio. I walk out of class every single time giggling. Hot yoga is one of the greatest blessings in my life.