For my entire life, I’ve eaten a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Sugary, delicious cereal. Every single morning, I go to the kitchen, pour the cereal and milk and then go to the computer to catch up on the news. Back in the day (haha, middle and high school) I actually read the newspaper.

Anyway, as I sit here daydreaming about lunch that won’t come for an hour, I have begun to realize that maybe I need to change what I eat for breakfast. I need something more filling and substantial to start my day. However, it also needs to be easy. I really need to try out KERF’s Oatmeal. That is on my agenda for this weekend to test it out. One week, I ate CNC’s Polenta Breakfast Pizza. That was good and I enjoyed it, but I don’t think it is my long term breakfast solution to cereal.

I’m hoping oatmeal will solve my dilemma. But until I actually get through a couple weeks not eating cereal, I’m not sure I will believe that I can actually make a change to this crazy years long routine.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve breakfast samplings that is quick and tasty, I am open for hearing them!