Welcome to SunnyBeans!

Here are ten facts that describe who I am and what this blog is all about:

1. I’m a senior in college at the University of Iowa who is dreading/thrilled to graduate in May.

2. I have one cat, Belle, who is one year old and a Russian Blue. She is always around offering me love and affection and sometimes just being plain annoying.

3. My first life goal is to live in Chicago. I’ve dreamed of living there since I was in fifth grade. Cliche, I know, but nothing can quench my yearning for Chi-Town!

4. My only other life goal consists of me being as happy and healthy as is possible. This means eating with a focus on fruits and veggies, but still eating “goodies” in moderation. Exercising as often as possible, and exercising outside is the quickest way for me to reach happiness.

5. I majored in English for undergrad and loved every second of it. I’m terrified everyday because I have no idea what I want to do with that degree. I picked up a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management, and had a marketing/sales internship for an animation company last summer. I know I have my whole life ahead of me, but I still feel lost and unsure of what to do with my life.

6. I grew up in a small town in northeast Iowa, and while I loved my childhood, I never want to live in a small town ever again. I spent my high school years counting down the days until I could leave for college and move to the “big city.”

7. Several years ago, I made some big changes in my life, and was able to lose some weight, moving me back to a healthy weight for my body. I had to do this so that I was able to be a  happy adult person who was able to take care of herself. My trick to weight loss is simple: don’t do it to lose weight, because it will never work. I had to fix the problems within myself that had allowed me to gain all this weight. Once I figured out the problem, the weight took care of itself, and it has made me feel as though I can overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges if I work hard and have a little bit of luck.

8. Cereal is the most important food to me. It should probably even be its own food group in my world. I eat a bowl for breakfast every morning, usually Life Cinnamon Cereal. I find Life Cinnamon to be the tastiest cereal that also does an amazing job keeping me full! When I’m going through intense food cravings, I always crave cereal. Even when I lost all my weight, I still made sure to include my daily bowl of cereal in my diet because it is that important to me.

9. I have two younger sisters, A and K. A is currently at Iowa State and is a freshman there. K is a senior at high school and will be attending Iowa next fall! Mr. Jeff is my boyfriend of nearly two years. He’s currently a computer engineering student, and pretty much an awesome boyfriend.

10. As for the focus of the blog, I want it to help me stay focused on a healthy lifestyle as I begin to deal with all the change headed my way. I want to not only survive this next major life change, but to really thrive and grow as a person.


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